Artist Statement:

My intent as an artist is to explore the transformation of public space through art. I want to present the general public to art that will both engage and inspire them.

I am interested in working in relief sculpture because I can create a picture plane with dimensional layers of depth. Often times the relief work becomes the surface treatment for functional, public objects like benches, planters, birdbaths as well as freestanding sculpture. I find the low relief sculpture to be a good solution in public spaces because its’ presence can be felt in a non-invasive way.

I am interested in placing my bas-reliefs in public places as a way to demonstrate the power that art can have in an urban environment, especially when experienced unexpectedly.

Early in my career, I would search for spots near my home to create outdoor installations. Flocks of concrete pigeons and sparrows proliferated throughout my neighborhood. I constantly added to my library of latex molds, and as my work evolved, ferns, ivy, rhododendrons and prairie grass were added to my public projects and private spaces.

I am always excited about the prospects and potential of future work. I constantly think about new imagery, techniques and ideas for creating interesting spaces. I want to continue to develop in the mastery of my materials as well as the playfulness in creating new forms.